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The United States of Wal*Mart by John Dicker
The United States of Wal*Mart (book)
by John Dicker
Supporting communism & China: When the hell are North Americans going to figure out that they are helping to build China's war machine by shopping at Walmart, just have a look at American and Canadian brand name products, look at the small print on the box or under the product, it Fucking Says MADE IN CHINA, what in the hell are people on this side of the pond thinking of, Walmart says their suppliers are partners, that means Walmart coerces the suppliers to have their product made in Asia usually CHINA, what the FUCK are the politicians thinking of, industry is moving out and low paying service jobs are moving in, just where are the tax $ going to come from, the answer is easy just raise taxes right well think of taxes going up and wages going down and quality of life tanking like a Russian submarine,look at the big picture as other business adopt the Walmart style, have a look at the average Walmart shopper, they dont care about anything as long it is cheap, People Love Crap!

Canada & us Supporter

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