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Is Wal-Mart Good For America? by PBS Frontline
Is Wal-Mart Good For America? (dvd)
by PBS Frontline
Pierced Clits & Sloppy Dicks On The Night Shift: Dear Maria, I would love to know what Wal Mart you work at.......I would love to have 18.00 an hour. I am a wal mart associate and make a little over 8.00 an hour and I am a single mother. The only reason I am making that is because I get an extra dollar on the hour for working nite shift (it's the differential). My (title) is grocery receiving, do you have any idea what that means? I am a woman and 49 yrs of age......we have to unload trucks and take to the desginated areas of the store, plus put the grocery stock on the shelves and zone....the store must look picture perfect in the morning for the bosses when they walk in, and also help out in other areas that need the help at nite. On a good nite there are 6 of us. We get told nitely that our sales are down....now....with they way they restructured our "BONUSES", there is no way in hell we are gonna get one this year. So....where will the extra money go to? Every wal mart is it's own entity......meaning, any expenses we have comes out of our profits. They don't buy the equipment we need to make our jobs easier and safer, so that will go to our bonuses. I guaarantee that what we have saved this year will somehow end up in Bentonville! They control everything about our store (yet we are independant?). I wish they had to do my job with no air conditioning on from 11 pm to 5 am when it's 90degrees outside (It isn't much cooler inside). You have to love the customers that shop at nite! Let's see.....we can talk about the chick that just had her clit pierced and came in to show it off while lookin for somekind of panties that wouldn't rub.......or the drunk who needed some condoms and when asked what size whipped it out to show the nite turn associate! I don't like working for wal mart and being treated like a second rate person.....but if it almost pays the rent and bills.....what am I supposed to do? Speciality depts with them are going down the tubes also....they are starting to phase them out! Want to know why? Because now they own most of the companies that supply them! They are only speciality if the Waltons don't own the majority of the companies and have to pay more for the products!

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