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Women of WAL-MART by Playboy
Women of WAL-MART (dvd)
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Resistance is Futile!: I am so frightened with the idea that one day, Walmart will own hospitals and dentist offices within their stores. I can see it now. They've got a photoshop, grocery store, bank, nailshop, hairsalon, autoshop, and eye examiner all within their WALS. LOL. All that's missing is the,"Always low housing complexes." Children will be born with that dancing yellow smiley thing branded on their arses! The motto will be,"Always low healthcare." OMG. Talk is cheap people. Make fliers opposing Walmart and pass them to everyone you know. Organize yourselves! This has got to stop!

To the geniuses who say,"If you don't like Walmart, shop elsewhere, or work elsewhere." Hello!!! People are protesting because Walmart is taking those choices away! I don't want to shop at Walmart, I hate Walmart! But they have purposefully driven out most of my options! I have to change BANKS because Walmart has acquired the one I have! Walmart bought out our local gas station!!! Walmart put our local grocer out of business!!! I WANT TO GET THE HELL AWAY FROM WALMART, BUT THEY ARE TAKING AWAY OUR CHOICES! Walmart along with Microsoft even authors some of my college textbooks! This is madness!

You crazies who make $6.50 an hour working at Walmart and defending your billion dollar a year CEO's who wouldn't let you take 1/2 of .001% of his earnings if you licked the dirt off his back will pay for this in the end!
A. Richardson

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