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WAL-MART: The High Cost of Low Price by Robert Greenwald
WAL-MART: The High Cost of Low Price (dvd)
by Robert Greenwald
Brainwashing, Deception & Lies Lies Lies!!!: I worked for Hel-Mart for 8 months. I went through the management training program, which was ridicculous, calling it a class was an understatement...the trainer constantly flirted with the boys (there are not men in my book) going through the program, one of the trainees was obsessed with teenage girls, one was self absorbed, the other was obessed with alcohol, his co-manager girlfriend/baby momma drama etc...and cursing incessantly, sooooo much for "Respect for the Individual" what is that????there was discrimination-blatant, sexual harrassment, and other things that are unacceptable in other environemnts, which were reported, although nothing ever came of any of it....

I was forced to move to keep my "job", was expected to rearrange my life in less than 2 weeks, move with 500 dollars...I worked 7 days straight, which they justified because it was split beetween the pay weeks; and woorked about 77 hours in those 7 days, sometimes with out a lunch....the other managers bluffed their way through the day, most did absolutely NOTHING...none of the hourly employees were happy, there was A LOT of theft, which I caught a few times and questioned, although NOTHING was done about it (SURPRISE), the former manager, who left the store in an absolute MESS was actually promoted to a larger higher volume store!!!! hah...I ended up quiting because it was coting way more to move than I was making! No one reallyu cared I am not sure if it is becasue I am a minority, a woman, or have higher education?????so I quite, which I am happy, I was unemployed for a few months, although it was worth it to have my soul back...

I feel bad for the people who work there, they barely make enough to survive, work redicculous hours, the cart pushers get no respect and have the worst job and pay for the conditions and lack of respect that tjhey get....Managers have it no better than anyone else and there are some really bad managers, who ironically make it in the company, and really good managers, who end up leaving because they ccannot deal with the BS that goes on at hel-mart.

Someone needs to stop Satan and give the business back to mom and pops as well as other smaller companys that do not exploit workers, other companys or put up the false front of "helping the community"...that is another thing, people are guilted into participating in all sort of community giving (giving money), managers are guilted into giving maney from their checks, whether they can afford it or not, it just astounds me that the communities they say they are helping they are actually hurting!!! There are cities that have like 8 or 9 hel-marts, while other stores continually are forced to close...of course they cannot compete! then the paople have to go work at hel-mart for minimum wage after the business closes, because there are no other jobs!

America needs to wake up and start to do something about this virus, this plague...i never shopped at hel-mart before i started there-quite frankly, it was the highest paying job in this town; and refuse to shop there now! I used to go to the neighborhood market, but surprise, they closed down, they can no longer compete...now I shop at Albertsons or even target, even though they are more expensive, at least it isn't hel-mart....oh well, just glad to be done with that, it really was the worst choice I ever made in my life...live and learn and pass on the word! I guess the clueless people who shop there are oblivious to what hel-mart is actually doing to our towns, or maybe they just don't care because they are saving a buck ot two?! maybe every American shoudl work there for a few months so they can get the real effect and make their own decision? All I know is that I will not support the devil and will tell the story to anyone who will hear it...

Brainwashing, deception and lies...I wonder if this is really what Sam Walton wanted for his company?
Glad To Have My Soul Back

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