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No One Makes You Shop at Wal-Mart: The Surprising Deceptions of Individual Choice by Tom Slee
No One Makes You Shop at Wal-Mart: The Surprising Deceptions of Individual Choice (book)
by Tom Slee
Happily Fired At Long Last: So I finally got myself fired, but it was worth it!. I worked for walmart for about three and half years, I worked my way into department manager of girls wear. but had to take a cut of .50 an hour, I was told it's worth it because you don't have to work weekends. Management told me this of course, and I took it because I was still married at the time and I had insurance through my husband and his wages so it didn't kill me then. I ended up working so much harder than I ever imagined, management took away my associates at night and weekends so it was just me to run a whole department and price changes and merchandising and one little associate from mens womens and boys had to work weekends by herself for all those departments and if you ever seen walmart on the weekends in the clothing department you, I had ninteen carts once and got wrote up for not getting them taken care of, I had price changes and merchandising to do their just wasn't enough time in the day and they don't give you overtime unless it's inventory time and it wasn't. so with all the added stress to deal with at work my home life suffered to and I ended up divorced and trying to live on walmart pay nine dollars and forty six cents an hour and a daughter to support didn't cut it and no insurance to boot for me, my Daughter luckily had insurance through her Dad. Then they did the remodel which is stupid becase they supersized the store but not the super center just added more food and made some of the departments bigger. and lied their butts off about how it would make us all more money, management got more not us and said we would get all new fictures for the clothes and we would get overtime and a lot people coming in to do the remodel no way we ended up doing all the work and I'm not a carpenter but we busted our butts for nothing, we got sent home before we acumulated what they considered to much overtime. we were soar and tired and injured for nothing. it was finally done then, we got told no bonuses this year because of the remodel we painted all the old fictures no new ones and the new carpet wasn't new at all the money went into someones pocket higher up. not ours and we lost pay and bonuses and time with my Daughter I spent trying to help them put the store together for What?! I was pissed by then and I got wrote up again for getting sick I was sick by then, I went home early a few times after that because I seen what they were doing to me and all the others and it made me sick. then I started speaking up at the grass roots meetings about insurance affordable insurance I should say and I knew then I was on the road out of their but I couldn't take it anymore I missed work I admit it because they would'nt give me an associate for my department. And I kept getting coached for not getting my work done it was just a bad dream for me and I really started fighting for my help and for better pay and for the rights of all of the department managers at my wages they could more than afford more help and better medical or affordable medical. their a multibillion dollar corporation. so what I did to get fired was I started printing signs on their computer about how I will not give a dollar to the help an associate in needs funs anymore when we are all associates in need! then they wanted us to put a dollar in for our christmas party, and I don't know I lost it . I printed another sign that said why do we have to pay for our own party when walmart owes us! and I put it up,. I was fired that day at the end of my shift of course they get all of the work out of you that they can first. but get this I was fired for being back from my lunch five minutes early! because walmarts been in troble for this for too long and they couldn't fire me for freedom of speech so they found a reason. But I can honestly say I enjoyed printing up the signs and getting my voice heard. for all of you associates still their hang in their but there is life after walmart. thank you for letting me vent.

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