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Slam-Dunking Wal-Mart! by Al Norman
Slam-Dunking Wal-Mart! (book)
by Al Norman
Evil Empire: I admit, once I tried to entire this please of evil. But this oppressive feeling of dread came over me. As if my life force was being sucked out me with each step deeper into the Evil Empire. To know that making a purchase there was to help generate more filth in the world as far as oppression and corruption almost made me want to get sick in isle 1. You know, next to the Barney Dolls. And I ran.I ran as if the Devil himself was chasing me.

To know that this kind of operation is still in existence, regardless of the original good intentions, really makes me very much ashamed of being an American.

I know that we all have inheritant civil liberties, so I choose not to shop at this type of establishment and shun and pity those that do.

Then next time you drive down your local Evil Empire, make sure to top off the tanks on your massive SUV with over priced gas, run over a few puppies, make sure to give the Union worker that has no job because of the Evil Empire the bird when you splash mud into his face.

Mr. X

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