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Monitoring Sweatshops: Workers, Consumers, and the Global Apparel Industry by Jill Esbenshade
Monitoring Sweatshops: Workers, Consumers, and the Global Apparel Industry (book)
by Jill Esbenshade
Not America's Finest: First off, to the makers of this site, I'd like to convey my deepest apologies for ripping your asshole as wide as your girth.(if you aren't too witty, that means the two t-shirt salesmen that made this site are fat.) and before i go any further with my favorite form of entertainment, let me say, i read your rebuttal, if thats what you so desperately want to call the list of excuses you made for being stupid. i have in my life, seen a dog speak, watched a snake fly, watched a fish walk on dry land, and seen an elephant do dog tricks. but i have never, ever seen anything so blatantly idiotic as 2 overweight, under-educated, hate-mongering conspiracy-driven, dungeons & dragons loving, supposedly heterosexual people invest so much into something so obviously foolish. i am a soldier, set to deploy this coming year, and i by no means, am wealthy. as a matter of fact, if you look at current military pay vs. cost of living. im in poverty. but ive been raised to believe in 2 principals. 1: things should be done right the first time. 2: Survival is key. Now, im absolutely sure that you can understand the first one. but judging by your hatred of walmart and everything it supports, the second one may have shot a little high over those huge brains of yours. Wal*Mart, McDonalds, Burger King, JC Penny, Target, K-Mart, and every other superstore in existance, exists because it fought its way tooth and nail through year after year of sales and marketing. Wal-Mart is the largest retail store because it became stronger than all the others, and last i checked, that is generally the goal of a business. you say walmart destroys small towns, but in reality, the fact that your town has a walmart is a sign of economic growth, meaning your town isnt really small anymore. i believe you when you say that walmart destroys business for mom and pop stores. and there is no conspiracy, thats their goal. its a business, so maybe before you go stand in a parking lot flipping walmart off, maybe you should stand in front of a military post and flip them off instead, since we are the ones who keep this country free, thereby giving companies like walmart the chance to prosper. but make sure you duck behind something metal or concrete because if some overweight t-shirt sporting couple who isnt together (and im deeply sorry for not getting to the fact that one of you is gay and one of you is lesbian and i cant tell which is which) were to flip me off when im on a 24 hour gaurd duty because theyre too pathetic to join the service, i might be obliged to throw something at you.


hold the phone nancy. first of all, you got blasted because you were portrayed as bufoons. and rightfully so. second of all. the army pays me fine for my services being that my family is well compensated for my pay level. now, my apologies for not shedding a tear over a marine who got corn-holed by walmart. let me say this. in his boots, im quite certain any other soldier who would be told to keep their military career a secret, myself at the top of this list, would probably have ended that conversation with a fist fight, because last i checked, killing people as an occupation outranks stocking shelves and licking a manager's ball-sack by about ten-fold. i could be wrong, but not likely. anyways, to my rebuttal. you misconstrued my article. i do no support walmart workers, because they are people. and people as a general rule, are dicks. so, in truth, every grievance against walmart can in truth be traced down to its workers, because like anyone who has ever had a job knows, some bosses rock, some bosses suck cock... this true in walmart too.

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