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Store Wars: When Wal-Mart Comes to Town by Micha Peled
Store Wars: When Wal-Mart Comes to Town (dvd)
by Micha Peled
Wal-Mart Jobs Keep People Out Of Trouble: When I started working for Wal-Mart, I never realized how many people actually hated the place. It's hard to believe so many people are against such a great company. A lot of the people that complain about Wal-Mart are either disgruntled (ex)employees or customers who didn't get to hear what they wanted to hear. And that's a shame. Look around, guys! Yeah, Wal-Mart is huge and yeah, it may move where it's not wanted but how many jobs does it offer? How many people would be un-employeed if there wasn't a Wal-Mart in your area? Would your neighbor be able to make their car insurance payment, house/rent payment, keep food on the table for their babies? Or would your neighbors be slum because there are no other jobs in the area? Wal-Mart creates many different opportunities for many different people. How many people in this country rely on that next check from Wal-Mart to put food on the table for their babies? Wal-Mart also doesn't require any education beyond high school. Yeah, okay, so some of you may disagree with that; some of us are not fortunate enough to further our education. Life takes over, and I'm sure you all know how that can be. A lot of high school graduates start living as an adult and being able to live on their own because of Wal-Mart. What would that 19 or 20 year old boy down the road be doing if he wasn't gone 8 hours of the day? Would he be the next one you read about when the media has tragic news of wreckless teenagers? Think about what Wal-Mart does for the area it's in... not what all the disgruntled (ex)employees and upset customers complain about.

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